Sketch times

Apologies for my lack of updates, I moved house a couple of weeks ago and then managed to spend a fair amount of time feeling too ill to get very much done, but I’ve pulled myself together now!

While packing I sorted out some work I was holding on to and decided to put this stag up for sale, so he’s now listed on my Etsy. I’ll miss him, but I’ve got plans for several other deer related pieces and there’s only so much room for them :)

Edit : Sold :)

A beginning

spookyscaryoctopus asked: I am so in love with your embroidery! I was wondering, how do you make the colours transition so smoothly?

Thank you! I pick out all my colours beforehand to make sure each one will shift into the other, and then it’s just a case of alternating between them so they blend together well. I usually use about 4-5 shades of the same colour so there’s  a lot more changing of colours than you would think from an initial look at the final image.

Added some plants to hang out with the fawn :)

surrealvitriol asked: Beautiful fawn. Do you have any favourite hand-embroidery artists? I've only found a small handful personally.

I haven’t come across that many - but if you haven’t already check out Maricor/Maricar’s work which I really like.

Anonymous asked: Man, your perseverance and determination truly deserves a standing ovation. Your art is really great. Just wondering, how do you store, organise or keep your projects and fabrics? Thanks, carry on!

Thank you :) I keep finished pieces that I like in my A3 portfolio, stuff I’m less fond of gets folded up in a drawer. I have another drawer for small pieces of fabric but the calico I use most of the time is in a giant roll, I got bored of going back and forth to the shop to get it so I just bought the whole lot.

dandelionsdontroar asked: Can you make a fox and/or forest mushrooms? Oooooh or MERMAIDS and nautical when you move away from forest friends? You have captured my whimsy and have given me IMMENSE inspiration as an aspiring textile artist :)

What brilliant timing you have, I’m drawing out a fox at this very moment :)!

I currently have hands like a corpse because I’m too lazy to wear gloves when I dye fabric.