Photographed the rabbit embroidery as well, I think scanning usually ‘flattens’ the colour shifts in my embroideries which I think is apparent if you look at the difference between the two versions of this piece!

All finished, will do a few close ups in a bit :)

My mum came across my very first embroidery while clearing out the spare room, circa Year 4 (aged 8 or 9). I think I’ve got a little better but this did win an award so it’s one of the pinnacles of my career.

Rabbit is finished, but he’s going to have a design of flowers and other plants so there’s more to do :)

Rabbit face


ponintothewild asked: Oh Holy Mother of Nature, Your art is amazingly cute and beautiful ! Would You ever consider doing this to my future wedding dress one day ? :3

Thanks :)! I’ve always thought I’d love to embroider a dress or something even though it would probably take me half of my life.

the-pine-float asked: hi! i'm a beginner at embroidery. any tips on learning certain stitches? books, internet sources? thanks a ton! i really admire your stitching! :))

Thank you ! I’m actually not very good with traditional embroidery stitches, I mostly use a straight stitch repeated over and over. When I was first learning I found it really helpful to watch youtube videos of each stitch though :)