recreating-yours-truly asked: Your embroidery is mind-blowing! What kind of fabric do you stitch on? What kind would you recommend for a beginner? Thanks!

I use unbleached calico that I hand dye myself :) If you want to start embroidering with sewing thread like I do then I recommend it, it’s heavy enough to handle a lot of stitching in a small area but has a high enough count to allow small details, but if you’re using embroidery floss it’s probably too light.

post-it-queen asked: Oops shoulda read FAQ first sorry, but wow! I am mightily impressed, keep it up <3

Ha, that’s fine! Thanks, and I might post a photo of the back of the fawn piece when it’s done, it’s quite a mess :)

griffinstorme asked: How did you first learn embroidery?

I just picked up a needle and started trying stuff out, I bought one book on traditional embroidery stitches but didn’t really enjoy it so I went back to messing about in my own way.

skwurlilala asked: Your art is blowing my mind right now. Im totally infatuated with your sewing and sketches both. The amazing detail you put into your passion is awe-inspiring and beautiful. Thank you for sharing something so lovely with us. Its truly an inspiration.

Wow, thanks :)!

Not had much time to pick this up lately but we’re getting there!

catbrambles asked: Just wanted to stop by and say how wonderful I think your work is! Truly gorgeous, all of it. Thanks for making things that make me smile <3

Thank you :)

stephaniepepper asked: Hi! First of all, I want to say your embroidery work is really, insanely, impressive and lovely! Anyway, I wanted to ask a few questions... 1. Do you use a heat marker to transfer the image onto your fabric before you start embroidering? and 2. Have you ever thought about creating replicas of your original embroideries on a digital embroidery machine? Perhaps it would be beneficial to sell replicas (plus save a lot of time), especially if you want to keep your original works. Thanks!

Thank you :) I use vanishing fabric markers like this one. I’ve never really been interested in replicating my work on machines, mainly because for me the appeal of my work is that it can’t be fully replicated by a machine - the stitches layer over each other in a way machines can’t duplicate so they’d come out looking flatter than they should. 

The long dark night of sewing the ears is finally over.