A beginning

punkrockoctopus asked: I am so in love with your embroidery! I was wondering, how do you make the colours transition so smoothly?

Thank you! I pick out all my colours beforehand to make sure each one will shift into the other, and then it’s just a case of alternating between them so they blend together well. I usually use about 4-5 shades of the same colour so there’s  a lot more changing of colours than you would think from an initial look at the final image.

Added some plants to hang out with the fawn :)

surrealvitriol asked: Beautiful fawn. Do you have any favourite hand-embroidery artists? I've only found a small handful personally.

I haven’t come across that many - but if you haven’t already check out Maricor/Maricar’s work which I really like.

Anonymous asked: Man, your perseverance and determination truly deserves a standing ovation. Your art is really great. Just wondering, how do you store, organise or keep your projects and fabrics? Thanks, carry on!

Thank you :) I keep finished pieces that I like in my A3 portfolio, stuff I’m less fond of gets folded up in a drawer. I have another drawer for small pieces of fabric but the calico I use most of the time is in a giant roll, I got bored of going back and forth to the shop to get it so I just bought the whole lot.

dandelionsdontroar asked: Can you make a fox and/or forest mushrooms? Oooooh or MERMAIDS and nautical when you move away from forest friends? You have captured my whimsy and have given me IMMENSE inspiration as an aspiring textile artist :)

What brilliant timing you have, I’m drawing out a fox at this very moment :)!

I currently have hands like a corpse because I’m too lazy to wear gloves when I dye fabric.

lunarbrained asked: hello! I recently started embroidery and came across your pieces and they are just amazing! I was wondering what type of needle and thread you use, and also how you transfer patterns onto your fabric

I use size 8 sewing needles with poly sewing thread (no particular brand, whichever one has the colour I need) and I draw the designs on with vanishing fabric markers like this one :)

tipsydarkness asked: Hi really live your embroidery! Recently bought books about embroidery and can't wait to start! How long it takes you to do a piece like the deer one?

Thanks :)! It’s always quite hard for me to say how long something took because I tend to work on more than one thing at once, as well as having another job and generally wandering around with cups of tea. I completed the deer over a month and a half, if I’m honest I’d have liked to have it done in half that time but I kept stopping and picking up other things.